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Nottingham City: Safeguarding Children Board

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Social Media Apps

We have been asked to make parents aware of the updated library on social media apps. Please be mindful that these particular apps are not the only ones where there have been safeguarding concerns; perpetrators utilise any platform where they can access children.

See the link below for a list of apps which can be used as a platform to access children; the list is not exhaustive and please be aware that new apps are constantly developed which children and then potential perpetrators access.

It should be noted that when we use the term “of concern” we, by implication, promote the message that anything not on this list is safe which of course is not the case.  It is not the apps that are the risk but rather the people that use them.  It is also worth noting that the minimum age is not necessarily a bar to children if they enter their incorrect age.

Apps List

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