L.E.A.D. Academy Trust

L.E.A.D. Vision

Through outstanding leadership we, at the L.E.A.D. Academy Trust, will provide the highest quality education to enable every pupil to realise their full potential.

In December 2014 Radford Primary School became an academy and joined L.E.A.D. Academy Trust.  This was a positive move for the school as it became part of a trust that not only shared the school ethos and values but also provided opportunities for schools to work in close partnership to bring about positive change.

All Trust members are committed to work collaboratively in order to secure the best possible outcomes for all our children. Children themselves, enjoy a range of opportunities to work together. Trust schools join for a range of events including concerts, performing arts, sports and bush craft.  

Highly experienced staff employed by the Trust offer a range of services that have supported the school. These include Directors of Teaching and Learning, Specialist Leaders, Safeguarding, HR, Financial support, Site Management and I.T.

The school also benefits from being part of the L.E.A.D. Teaching School Alliance. This provides a range of professional development opportunities for staff at all levels.

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