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Welcome to our class page where you can find out about all the fun and exciting things we have been doing. We enjoy learning lots of new things in class 2. We always ask lots of questions and are very enthusiastic about our learning. We are also a very helpful class and we always try and help out our friends which make class 2 a wonderful place to learn. The staff working with your child this year will be Miss Booth and Mrs Turner.

Important information:

PE: Please can you make sure that your child brings in their PE kit on a Monday and that it is left in school for the week. Children’s PE includes black shorts, a white T-shirt and either trainers or plimsols.

Reading at home: Please can you make sure that you read with your child at home for a short time every day and make sure this is recorded in their reading diaries.

Homework: Homework is set on a Wednesday and needs to be completed by the following Wednesday. Your child will also need to practise their times tables and spellings as they will have a test every Wednesday. There will also be creative homework at the beginning of every half term whereby the children will need to complete all tasks by a specific date (see homework books for more details). Please can you make sure you sit with your child and support them with this.

Swimming - Autumn Term: Class 2 will be going swimming every Thursday afternoon during the Autumn term until the Christmas holidays in December. Girls will need to wear a one piece swimming costume. They will also need their hair tied up and any jewellery removed. A swimming hat is also recommended. Boys will need tight wearing trunks. Swimming shorts below the knee will not be allowed. All children will need to bring a towel, goggles are not needed.

Home Learning

Please read every day with your child and write this in their diary. Your child will bring a book home in their folder from their tag. We enjoy regular visits to the library and would love you to join us so that you can choose extra books for your child to enjoy. We have reading prizes for the 3 children who have read the most during each half term.

Maths - Your child will need to practise their times tables. There will be a weekly test. 

Spellings - Each week your child will receive a list of spellings to learn at home. Please practise them regularly with your child. They will be tested every week please check your child’s spelling book to see how they have done.

Creative homework - this will be sent home at the start of every half term. Please select one activity to complete each week.

If you require any help or advice please come and see me at the beginning or end of the school day.

Non-Negotiables for Year 2


Year 2 Non-Negotiables


Year 2 Spellings


Year 2 Non-Negotiables

Our Work

Autumn term 1

For this half term we are going to be focusing on Paddington, please follow the link to look at the story together. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ELdCaQfOF98

Class 2 - England and Peru

This half term we will be learning about:

History – Significant Kings and Queens.

Geography- Looking at London, the U.K and comparing life here to Peru.

DT and Cooking-  making a healthy pack lunch for Paddington.


Spring 1

Could a dragon have started the great fire of London?

The books that we will be looking at this half term are Toby and the Great fire of London and the dragon machine.

What will we be learning?


  • To identify similarities and differences between the past and present.
  • To recognise that dates are used as markers of the past.
  • To use a timeline to place important events.
  • To give more than one effect of an event. I can give reasons why changes occurred.
  • To understand how sources might differ.


  • To interpret and re create the work of different artists.
  • To use a I package to create a piece of art.


  • To recognise that certain objects can be made using different materials.
  • To recognise that certain materials can be used for more than one purpose e.g. wood can be used for matches and floors.
  • To identify the suitability of everyday materials for particular uses.
  • To squash, bend, twist and stretch certain objects and describe how the material makes the shape change.


Autumn 2

This half term we are looking at the question why is our world wonderful? And we are focussing on the country of Kenya. The book that we will be looking at this Half term is Lila and the secret of the rain.

What will we be learning?


  • To compare the U.K to a non-European country
  • To know continents and oceans.
  • To identify weather patterns north and south of the equator.
  • To know the countries within the United Kingdom and their capital cities.

Health week

  • Cooking at the windmill gardens looking at where different ingredients come from and why they are healthy.
  • How we can cross the road safely.
  • How we can have a healthy body and mind.

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