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Welcome to our class page! This year our class will be taught by Ms Zaman, Mr Bricklebank (who is also the deputy head teacher!), Mrs Smalley and our teaching assistant Mrs Parkinson. We are all very excited and eager to begin learning and growing and preparing for the SATs papers.

Important Information:

We do PE every Monday, so please remind your child to bring their PE kit on the correct day. Year 6 will also be doing swimming every Thursday afternoon up until Christmas so please make sure your child brings a suitable swimming costume (no shorts below the knee or with pockets) and towel.

Homework will be sent out every Friday and needs to be bought back into school by the following Wednesday. Your child will have spellings to learn and English and maths work to complete. At the start of a new topic the children will be given some creative work to complete too.

Reading to an adult or to themselves is extremely important so that your child makes good progress and becomes a more fluent reader. Your child’s reading diary will be checked every Monday and a dojo (class reward system) will be given out to those who have read the most.

Home Learning

Please read every day with your child and encourage them to write in their diaries or alternatively write a comment yourself. Your child will bring a book home from their tag however you could also read newspapers, biographies, comics, and encyclopaedias together to encourage them to read a wide range of books for pleasure.

It is very important the children know all their times tables up to 12x12 and their division facts. Please practice together as little and as often as you can as this will make a huge difference to their times table knowledge.

Spellings will be sent home every Friday, please practice and talk about the meaning of each word together to check your child understands.

Should you want to do additional SATs preparation at home with your child, feel free to let us know, we will be happy to direct you to resources we have in school or online

Our Work

Autumn 2017

We have lots of exciting things planned for the autumn term in year 6. The children will be starting the year off looking into the lives of modern day refugees. The learning will be based around an award winning book ‘The Arrival’ by Shaun Tan. The Arrival looks deep into what drives so many to leave everything behind and journey alone to a mysterious country, a place without family or friends, where everything is nameless and the future is unknown. This silent graphic novel is the story of every migrant, every refugee, every displaced person, and a tribute to all those who have made the journey.

As a follow up to all the amazing work planned for the children, Dragons Breath theatre will be visiting Radford Academy to perform a magnificent performance called ‘Step into my shoes’, also following the theme of refugees.

In English the children will be put to the test; they will give the wordless graphic book a twist by creating their very own stories to accompany the fantastic illustrations. The children will then move onto writing letters to Teresa May sharing their opinions on why they believe refugees should or should not be allowed to enter our country.

To support the children’s understanding further we will start with looking into the diversity of people in our very own classroom. In geography we will locate the different countries the children and their families have come from. We will study and map our local area including the names of shops and businesses. We will use this information to analyse the local environment looking at some of the following points:

  • What are the connections with overseas?
  • Is there a common area or country where many of the local businesses originate from?
  • Does this reflect the ethnic groups within the school?
  • Make a tally chart of which countries the local businesses have connections with.
  • Discuss and interpret this data.
  • What is the impact of other countries on our local environment?
  • How does it shape and influence our local area?

The children will have the opportunity to get very personal and interview members from our community to find out about the struggles and success they have faced.

In art the children will research different artists. They will choose one of the artists as inspiration for their own work to create illustrations to tell a small part of their own life story. The children will have the opportunity to use different media to support and inform their work in order to complete their final piece.

In D&T the children will be sticking to the theme of Shaun Tan’s book The Arrival and looking into the significance of family and photos emphasised at the start of the book in order to create their own photo frames. The children will need to plan their project very carefully as well as touch up on their maths knowledge of nets and accurate measuring to ensure their project is a success!

In science the children will be discovering through student led activities the world of electrical circuits where they will be encouraged to make scientific judgements and explanations about what they have discovered. The children will then use their knowledge to light up their D&T project where they will have to create more than one type of circuit!

Like every year, the year 6’s get the opportunity to go to Intu University for the week and this year won’t be any different! The running theme throughout the week will be about ‘Light’.

Examples of Childrens Work


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